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A Simple And Free Way To Make Your Business Green

Commercial kitchens and food manufacturing operations produce large quantities of grease and cooking oil. There are alternatives to washing down the drain or disposing of them if you produce large quantities of cooking oils.

Shockley Sustainable Solutions has been servicing the recycling needs of food service professions since 2009. We provide a simple, easy, and FREE first step for your business to go Clean & Green by collecting your spent cooking oil as raw material to produce biofuel, a renewable energy. For every pound of cooking oil we render tons of carbon emissions are offset. We are proud to say that our used cooking oil is recycled into biodiesel fuel which is used by the United States military!

We offer training to restaurants on how to clean their fryers most efficiently or better yet just take the hassle off of your kitchen’s plate and let us clean your fryers for you!

Businesses looking for an economical solution for frying oil, vegetable oil, and cooking oil can find one at Shockley Sustainable Solutions. We repurpose cooking oils to manufacturers and organizations in other fields so you can benefit financially and ensure that waste can be recycled and reused.

These Restaurants are Going Green!

They are recycling 100% of their spent cooking oil into Bio-Fuels using Shockley Sustainable Solutions

What You Can Expect...

Shockley Sustainable Solutions is helping Delaware and Maryland businesses transform used cooking oil profitably to a green economy and a better future for our environment. Our mission is simple: Help businesses go Clean & Green.

We offer a three-step solution for your business to become carbon neutral. Sit down with one of our professionals today and will audit and measure your existing footprint, prescribe practical, economic, solutions to reduce your carbon emissions, and provide FREE quality carbon offsets to certify your business as Clean & Green.

We’re local, invested and committed to Delmarva, and we take social responsibility seriously. We want to keep Delmarva Clean and Green and provide you the local resources to do so.

Reliable, FREE and Efficient Service

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Locally Owned, and Operated

Commitment to our Environment

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